Christine J. Sylvester, P.A.

office.jpg (16971 bytes)Christine J. Sylvester, P.A. provides a professional and personal source of legal advice to each of its clients, and places emphasis on practicing "offensive planning" to prevent legal complications before they occur. Whether you need legal advice for personal and family matters such as estate planning, tax planning or elder law planning, or legal advice regarding asset protection or charitable planning, our firm is ready to serve all of your needs as counsel.

Christine J. Sylvester, P.A. has evolved over the years since Mrs. Sylvester arrived in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1994. Since that time, she has professionally made a strong commitment to the residents of this area to provide the highest level of legal quality in the area of estate planning. This firm has a strong tradition of community service through educational presentations and volunteer services. Mrs. Sylvester has given her time to the Mecklenburg County Bar Legal Services program, the MS Society, the Alzheimer’s Association and the North Carolina Bar Association.

This office provides these services tailored to individual needs and with a sensitivity to cost. When a call is made to our office for an initial appointment, we forward to you a packet of information for your review and completion. This includes various reading materials involved in your topic of need and a questionnaire to be completed prior to the scheduled appointment. Typically, the initial appointment is a "no-obligation" opportunity for you to meet our firm and for us to meet you. In certain cases, the initial appointment will involve a fee and if that is the case, you are advised at the time of scheduling. Following an initial appointment, you can expect a detailed letter outlining the contents of the discussion and the recommendations of this office. If this office decides to extend services to you or your family, included in that letter will be a Legal Services Agreement which will outline the services offered by this office and the flat fee associated with those services. It is then your decision as to whether or not to retain our office for your desired assistance. It is our belief that in order to maintain a healthy attorney/client relationship, the legal fees involved need to be fully addressed up front. Once a relationship is established, it is our firm's commitment to provide you with legal assistance in all areas of family/estate planning. Your goals may vary from simple estate documentation preparation, to providing for a disabled family member, to dealing with an elderly parent, to dealing with asset protection, to protecting an unstable child, to educating a grandchild, to establishing a private foundation. Regardless of your objectives, we are ready and willing to provide you with the guidance and assistance as needed. If a matter requires legal assistance in other areas of law (divorce, real estate, litigation, bankruptcy) or other areas of the country (a move to California), we will work with you in locating and coordinating assistance from other competent attorneys in this State and throughout the country as needed.

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